Paean to Kĩrĩ Nyaga

Alone and rugged, brings tears to eye,
Broken stone spear tip touches sky,
White-flecked peaks push mind to fly,
To majestic abode of ancient Ngai;

Behind feathered clouds peeks blue sky,
Radiance sun-founded blinds man’s eye,
Green verdant forests carpet-like lie,
Wind flows sings screams never shy.

Crow caws, bird sings, tree undulates,
Eye and mind time at different rates,
Another tear rolls down soul’s gates,
For mere words forever fail nature’s states.

Majestic, magnificent, old beyond measure,
His sight itself an incredible treasure,
Silent in earth-spanning sky’s embrasure,
In him world-weary minds find leisure.

Human story circles back to self,
Thus I cycle back to soul’s shell,
Rock spire-seated, mind weaves spell,
Invisible motion to where thee dwell.

This poem was originally published on Medium on Mar. 29, 2020.