Welcome to my personal blog, a haven for the curious and creative minds alike. As a thinking creative, I believe that life is a never-ending adventure, full of twists, turns, and the occasional detour. And I'm on a mission to make the most of every moment, embrace the unknown, and chase my dreams with abandon.

On this platform, I invite you to join me as I navigate the ups and downs of life, explore new cultures, and discover the beauty in the mundane. Whether you're seeking inspiration, a good laugh, or simply a virtual friend to share the journey with, you've come to the right place.

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Psychology, philosophy, card magic, reading, writing, poetry, programming, astronomy, history, meditation, spirituality, travel, hiking, camping…

What do all of these have in common? They’re all past or current hobbies of mine.

When I’m not tinkering with data at my full-time job, working on my business, or reading a Pulitzer Prize winner, you can find me exploring all sorts of weird and interesting hobbies.

That’s what I do, but what have I done?

I am the two-time Best GPA, School of Science and Technology at USIU-Africa.
I was president of the IT Club at USIU-Africa, 2018-2019.
I graduated as valedictorian, USIU-Africa class of 2019. Scroll to the bottom for more info.

I was a key member of the team that won the Intel High Performance Computing contest at USIU-Africa in 2017.
I presented at the United Nations Environmental Assembly in December 2017.

I was selected best delegate by both the dais and my fellow committee members at the International Model United Nations held at Howard University, in Washington DC (2019).

I am a Senior Python Data Engineer at a rapidly expanding French startup called Lobstr.

I am also CEO and founder of a company called Jabali Kenya.
We at Jabali Kenya aim to provide potential IT practitioners with the skills they need to enter the market RIGHT NOW.

Welcome to my double life. Click around, explore, and make yourself at home in the crannies of my mind.

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I graduated as valedictorian of the USIU-Africa class of 2019. Below is my valedictory speech (click for transcript).


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